Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sorry, there was another thing I wanted to say. This week, short as it's been, has been a little tense at times and I just wanted to say "thanks" to those who've been praying because God has answered. He is incredible, the way he works in people's hearts, calms tempers (and spite) and creates solutions that never even looked possible.
Ok, 2 posts in one day...just because they're different.
Life has been filled with so many funny, random quotes lately.
For starters, when I was sick last week Lisl bought me "fortune tea". Each tea bag had a fortune printed on the paper flag. I think the tea company was trying to improve the health benefits of their product by making people laugh.
For example:
"You are the other person", "Your breath is the the voice of your soul", and "The mind is given to you, you are not given to the mind".
Aren't those helpful?
My favoite quotes of the past week have to be, "The road to hell is paved with unbought stuffed dogs" (Hemingway) or Lisl's solution to a lull in the conversation, "The amazing thing about bladder infections is..." I thought living with a business major, I would be the one to start gross biology conversations not her. Oh well, I am amused.
Funny story of today:
Last weekend Wayco was trying to convince me that he had the weirdest dreams ever. As "proof" he went on to recount a dream about a contest where each person was given a car key and then taken to a garage. He had wanted to give the key back, but the people in charge said, "No, you don't understand - you have THE key" Turns out that he had won the sports car and he spent the rest of his dream driving around at break-neck speeds.
This morning I received a car key in my my mail box as part of some contest and I couldn't help laughing. The first thought in my head was that I had to show Wayco. I was trying to figure out when I might see him - because when you have something funny, it's best not to wait too long. So as I was walking home with my mail, who should come across the mall but Wayco who was late to class!
Hehe, I don't know if his dreams are weirdest, but if so - that makes my life weirdest because it seems to follow people's dreams.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Good Idea: Eat pancakes.
Bad Idea: Leave pancake batter in the fridge for 2 months.