Monday, December 06, 2004

Alas, my lizard is dead. I'm not pointing any fingers but he appears to have been tragically smothered under a pillow. I will miss him, even if he was creepy.
Well, somehow it's the last week of school already. Basically my life consists of mad rushes to stay a float and not enough time to do the work I'm drowning in. Then it alternates to a slow daydreaming mosey where suddenly life feels organized and I'm on top. I don't know what's wrong with me and why I don't seem to have a middle gear.
Life has been and will be and is interesting always though. We had D over for his birthday Saturday and then I spent most of Sunday observing in the ER. That was so much fun. I even got to observe a surgery. Wow, very amazing. Unfortunately, it also served to remind me of how young and very ignorant I am still. ARGH, too much too learn! Someone made a mistake I'm sure, I'm not supposed to be a grown up, when did this start to happen?
Somehow, when I make it through this week I'll enter finals week. It's also known as the week 4 friends fly/drive in to visit, Lily moves in, and in which we make a pilgrimage to Dallas to swing dance. Personally I think that's a ridiculous schedule, but that's life.
Enough writing for now, more observations and classes to get through tomorrow. I must sleep now. It was kind of funny this morning. According to my plan, I would have gotten 2 hours less sleep and we all would have been up and running. According to God's plan, Lisl and I would incorporate my alarm into our dreams and everyone else's would be incorrectly set. See, God's way made us slow down and actually get some rest for a change and he'd wake us 10 minutes before class. The entire weekend was like that. It was so odd. Both Saturday and Sunday I overslept. Hopefully someone in the house hears their alarm tomorrow morning. :-) Good night.