Sunday, November 14, 2004

Well, a year ago today I would have never imagined life would end up like it has, and yet nothing surprising has happened. I feel bad for not blogging more, but life is busy and something has to give sometime. I’ve had many blog worthy daydreams as I’ve watched fall arrive in Texas. The birds appear to be tiny slashing brushstrokes across the sky as they migrate, just like a Van Gogh painting. Dark rainy streets glow red and green with the traffic lights above them and the sunsets have been awesome seas of gold clouds. Even the new building they’re constructing on the LU campus can look cozy. Yesterday as I walked out of the laundry mat, the steel beams blended into cold gray sky while a row of yellow construction lights ran up the middle like a string of twinkle lights. It’s the perfect weather for hot chocolate and old music. Amanda and I stumbled across a radio station that plays swing and blues/jazz oldies all day long. Its slow, mellow harmonies have kind of set the mood for the last few weeks. Basically imagine the soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas movie and you’ll have an idea.
I’m one of those kinds of people who would start listening to Christmas music in October probably if you’d let me. This year I’ve tried to hold out, but today, November 14th, I’ve given up the fight. The only thing that will stop me between now and Christmas break is Lisl’s voice of protest. Yesterday was so fun. I was alone in my car, driving around Longview and I noticed that the Season’s Greetings banners had been put up already. When I stopped by Kroger’s, they were having an open house and everyone was neighborly, and the Salvation Army people were out ringing bells. The only sad thing about starting the Christmas season so early is that you miss a little of the Thanksgiving memories. But really, what greater thing does the world have to be thankful for than the birth of the Christ?


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