Sunday, November 21, 2004

Something is not quite fair around here me thinks. Lisl has a Gecko that likes her, but he's a person. Meanwhile, I'm being stalked by another gecko but it's about 2 inches long and green. At least I think it's a gecko. It doesn't look like the ones back home but this is Texas, who knows.
I first I thought it was a sweet little lizard and incredibly brave, but now it likes me and stares at me continueously. I'll be studying and see it sitting two feet way on the pillow. Then, a minute later I'll go to reach for my book and it'll be a foot and a half away sitting on the very book I need. Maybe it thinks I'm a crazy kind of tree.
Back home I used to help catch foot long lizards for fun But it's different when you're the one being chased. Grr, can't anything be normal down here in Texas?


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