Thursday, August 05, 2004

Last night's post, a little late because of a glitch in blogger.
I sit here this evening, looking down at my paint stained hands, wondering where to start. Life never really slows long enough for my mind and thoughts to stop whirling. Earlier this evening my tongue was muddled and said, “the third time’s the try”, so here is my try at catching this blog up.
Since coming back to Texas, my van died in the middle of town. Fortunately, Lisl and Chris were only a few streets away and were able to rescue me. The mechanic called me this morning to tell me exactly what I told his office on Monday, “the transmission died”. So that should be fixed by next week. Meanwhile, Lisl’s transmission is trying to go out too. It is a big praise that the van made it to Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and back to the school before going out which was wonderful. I could have been stranded in Arkansas rather than on McCain.
Another new development in my family, which I’m pretty sure is safe for me to tell by now, is that my parents are no longer going back to Congo to work. Even though I grew up there most my life, I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. This new unknown path is where God seems to be sending them and my heart is glad and at peace more than sad. Yes, it will be sad to know home isn’t Congo any more. The home I have in my memory isn’t there anyway. It involved people and pets who have long since moved or died. When I was in Congo this Christmas I attempted to explain to myself the impressions I had on returning after 2 years of college.
Nothing new under the Congo sun.
Same dust hovers in the air, same plants spread wild.
A bit of jungle carved out of city, a port perched on wild river.
Same cars driving against motionless clocks,
Merely different faces.
I’m too young and haven’t lived enough places yet to know if that’s true everywhere or a unique phenomenon to Congo. It’s true, “things are about like they stay”. Congo doesn’t really change much. As much as I want to cling to my memories of home, Congo will always be there. Rather than idealize it I’ll enjoy it much more if I simply allow for flaws in my memory and love it as I find it later on.
Ok, there was more I wanted to write. A discovery I made over my “vacation”. However, I just put in 8 hours at Phys Plant and another 5 on the house. So goodnight, more to come later. Lucky you eh?