Monday, July 05, 2004

Somehow vacations never produce all the free time for blogging that one origionally hopes. Blogging rather, is an escape. An ingeniously designed and disguised procrastination tool. Too bad too because I had some lovely blogging thoughts on my flight.
Here I am almost to the end of my mini summer vacation. As usual, I ran across every odd person between Texas and Seattle on my journey.
First There was the man who yelled desperately out his window at the gas station "If I only had a brain!!". It wouldn't have bothered me so much except he was pulling out into four lanes of morning traffic.
Then Lisl and I had the crazy idea of stopping for french fries and apple pie at 10:32. The time is important because apparently this McDonalds didn't serve french fries till 10:30. Why this was a problem I don't know but I was not allowed to purchase any. Lisl however was graciously told she could have her pie if only she would come up to the window. However, between the time she ordered and was able to make it to the window the management discovered they had no pie and it would be 10 minutes. Apparently someone forgot to tell them they were supposed to be serving food there.
Once at the airport I was fortunate enough to see first hand the effects of heightend airport security measures. Woe to the traveler of today who runs through the emergency exit by the boarding gate. An annoying alarm will be triped and a mere 11 minutes later an airport employee might wander over to investigate.
I felt so safe. Not to mention the first class service of the attendants John, John, John and Jenny on board. The guys decided it would be great fun to use the intercom to pick on Jenny the whole flight. Unfortunatly she decided to take revenge by chucking ice cubes on me. After three times thought the other attendants promised me a free margarita. Hmm.
Now I'm safe with my parents and sister though. Had lovely bus adventures downtown with Amanda, and spent precious hours holding my three week old baby neice. Yes, she has me wrapped around her tiny little fingers. Just wait till you see pictures though, she is the cutest.
I think I'm supposed to help start the house painting project today so I'd better finnish this off. This is only a foretaste of what the rest of the summer has in store as my housemates and I start to tackle the job of re-doing our own walls. Yay, no more living on campus!


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