Thursday, July 22, 2004

Somehow life never turns out how I expect it to.  Rather than putting in my 40 hours at LU this week, I left for my Indiana trip one week early. 
It seems so odd to be sitting here in the living room I know so well here at my grandma's house.  One of the few places that I can remember as far back as 1st grade.  Mom, Dad and I have been hauling stuff out of the attic for her and sorting through it.  We've unearthed some of my grandpa's paintings, old pictures and hilarious letters. 
One I wrote when I was little started out "How are you? I am not fine. Mom Dad and Susan and John are fine. But they may not be."
I'm not sure if this was a threat by me, or if I was predicting a outbreak of some sort.  Other more useful items like ice cream makers, space heaters and a bookcase were put aside for me to take back with me to Texas. 
I've also brushed up on my bush trimming and lawn mowing skills.  What a vacation :-)  It's good though because I'll have to get used to it next year anyway.   
Tomorrow my parents and I head out to Wisconsin to the mission conference center. It'll be nice to see the missionaries who are back for the summer. 
Then a short run over to Ohio, back to Indiana and then back to Texas.  Refreshed from my break and ready to tackle overtime and the house again.  Yes, life is never boring. 


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