Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, I no longer reside on ELH 2. After three short years I found myself on my knees wiping away the last remains of silly string, confetti and motor oil out of room 212. A lot of happy memories of a lot of friends who've graduated and moved away. Even though I've lived longer on that floor than anywhere else in the past 8 years or so it was time to move.
We've already got our paintings hung and books unpacked down in the new appartment. There is a pleasant bit of moving clutter around but nothing nearly as bad as what our room looked like the past two weeks with about 4 people's boxes in it. Whoever thought of the concept of an attic should get some kind of prize. It is a wonderful relaxing feeling to sit in one's bedroom and know that there are 3 other rooms around you. I feel sorry for house fish. They must get very stressed living in such a little space their whole lives.
Hmm, I've just discovered that these new desk chairs don't rock...leaning back has unpleasant side effects in case you were wondering. I think I'd better go check the bread, make sure it didn't take over the kitchen. *grin* I have a kitchen. Beware...


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