Monday, May 17, 2004

I'm remembering summer. Summer is when there aren't so many people around and I begin to resurface. I love people, people are one of the funniest, greatest things God created but it is so easy to let yourself drown in the crowds. I had thought the initial grouchiness and later re-aquaintance with myself was something that only happened when I returned to Indiana because I was suddenly cut off from everyone at school. But no, it just happens to be the way I shift modes. Sorry Lisl and those who have to be around me when that happens. :-)
I took a walk tonight. A lovely summer walk (actually an attempt to counteract the ice cream/expresso concotion my roommate fed me...yum). As I started my walk there was a pile of brilliant white clouds building in the south west. For the first time in a long time I noticed how beautiful America is. There were cardinals and robins in the sprawling green grass. The air was clear and perfect, humid enough to wrap around you but not so sticky you feel like you're swimming. I thought I liked spring, but summer is better. The deep green of summer leaves and the smell of sun warmed pine needles.
The clouds grew as I walked. Everytime the sky and lighting changed I would say to God, "This is it, you've done it. The evening can't get any prettier." I think God likes proving me wrong. When I turned the final corner the clouds became an all out storm. I could see lightening in the distance where once my white fluffy clouds had been sitting. The wind picked up and an all out dust storm broke out from the construction site. Now as I sit here I can hear the rain pounding on the road outside. I think I'll go sit on my new porch and watch it. It's so lovely having the time to watch rain and think about whatever I like.


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