Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Friends are lovely :-)
Amanda and I have been having wonderful imaginings of late; great ways to shed some of the excess seriousness college life weighs us down with. For example, pretend if you will that there is no such thing as wind and the trees move on purpose. I must admit I find them a little more frightening that way...
Another great one she wrote out on her own were dreams our feet have when they fall asleep. I highly recommend asking for a copy.
Yesterday we were pretending together as we walked to supper. She told me to close my eyes and then asked where I was. I answered "Walking into a pole." Then with a little more seriousness (because imaginings should be taken seriously if they're to be done at all properly) we walked, each in our own world, side-by-side. This afternoon Amanda presented me with a poem to commemorate the fun. I think it's the first poem anyone ever gave me. Yay!

"For Jenny"

Together we walked, side-by-side it would seem
But each of our minds were caught in a dream.
I stood on the moors with wind swept hills
And she in a forest amidst foggy swirls.
We laughed as we walked, the same wind we did feel
But each of our winds were from different worlds.
I was now a pirate sailing seven seas
And she... I don't know... she didn't tell me.
My thoughts, though full, her presence did lack
And so me and my friend, we came to a pact:
"You walk in your world and I'll walk in mine
And maybe we'll visit each others' sometime."


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