Monday, February 23, 2004

Ok, time for a more pleasant post. Many happy thoughts of the past week...
1. My biology text book uses the word "fishes". A bright spot in my morning when I discovered this simple fact.

2. I met a possum Sunday evening out side Speer Chapel when he cut a path about two feet from me. Either he believed in God or wasn't offended that I did, as I was praying aloud. So much for wild animals being shy.

3. In spite of my own stupidity at not purchasing a symphony ticket, I was given a last minute opportunity to go for free. As a result I was privileged to hear one of the most beautiful violin performances since going to an Itzak Perelman concert 8 years ago. Amazing. Lots of fun spending the evening with friends too. A truly happy thought, friends. :-) Looks like next weekend will be nice too if I can make it through the week.

4. I think I've finally found a church I wouldn't mind going to. A few more posibilities to look into if I have the energy to but its nice to have a place to look forward to. It's odd, I've come full circle since my freshman year. I started at this church and left it for more exciting places for awhile. Now it seems to fit more though, I guess I've changed a little these 3 years.

5. I returned from lab tonight to find my roommate had left half of an uber dark chocolate Marble Slab ice cream latte for me in the fridge. Have I mentioned how great my roommate is lately?

I'm sure there are other happy thoughts too but for now the idea of sleep far outweighs them all. Goodnight.


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