Thursday, February 05, 2004

I have been weighed. I have been measured. And I have definely been found lacking...
The Christian Doctrine's test was a definite "crapperism" to take a quote from Lisl's blog. Granted, we only had an hour and 30 minutes to explain the doctrines of Christology - his humanity, and deity, the necessity of both, attonement, resurrection and the ascention. In doing so though, I've come to realize how immature I am in my knowledge of scripture. Dr. Woodring used the example of a person trying to detect counterfit money. First you study in great detail what is real till you know every part of it. Then when something counterfit comes by you recognize it as not being true. The same applies to scripture. In the test we were given an excerpt to analize regarding the person of Christ. Many of us noticed that the author used akward language and put things oddly but I simply assumed the writer was perhaps merely got carried away with his metaphors and strong imagery. In my essay I laid out what I have learned regarding the humanity and deity of Christ and used scriptural defenses of what I said and pointed to the parts of the passage that matched up with orthodox doctrine.
Kelly and I turned in our tests only to discover that the passage had been taken from the book of Mormon. Argh! It was a good lesson, especially for a doctrine's class. I just wish it hadn't been on the test.
I have so much to learn, fortunately God is a patient teacher.
Work has been canceled for the rest of the week which is nice but also means less money coming in. I can use the time for homework and corporation stuff. With the trip being a month away, there's a lot to be done and God is doing so many cool things, its fun to see and to be a part of.


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