Sunday, February 15, 2004

I have been threatening my roommate that I would repay her someday for all the quotes she always puts up of me on her blog. Lately neither of us have been able to make the words come out of our mouths right and these were some of the results:
Lisl - "I'm the one on drugs, why are you acting crazy?"
Lisl - "I think everyone needs a little Brazillian for a pet."
This was the most interesting Valentine's weekend I think I've ever had. Terribly random. Maybe I'll write about it in my "free time" after I sleep.
I saw a row of trees yesterday afternoon. Two straight rows happily spaced. Small patches of snow lay melting in the grass, remnants of the morning’s fall. As I looked on the lane I felt drawn to walk down it. So perfectly formed, it waited, ready for a person to walk under its branches and think.
As I looked closer I noticed that most of its charm lay in its loneliness. I can’t explain how a patch of trees could be lonely, especially not one in the middle of a college campus, but it was. Some of the saddest, loneliest things are quite often the most striking. I wonder why.

*Its been about a week or two but I just thought I'd leave a note or two explaining the randomness of Feb. 14. I got one Valentine, very LU-ish as it had been printed off a calculator. :-) I love this place. Was woken early by my roommate to watch the snow. Spent the morning watching poor out of place Mainers and Coloradans trying to ski down the berm. I'm afraid I wasn't so nice as I took every opportunity to sneak attack friends with snowballs. Then in the evening I played cards and listened to old friends ruin their vocal cords trying to use a Karaoke machine. It was a terribly random, terribly fun day in Texas. *


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