Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Another question, although I'm not exactly sure who I'm asking. Why is it I always forget about God's faithfulness in providing my needs? I was standing under the painting on our wall tonight and the thought popped into my mind. I looked at the familiar scene of a Congo sunset with palm trees and grassland fading into distant hills. I remembered God's blessings in the past and the way he has always watched over me. Being a biology major has given me an opportunity to see the miracle nature up close. How true when Jesus spoke of the splendor of the lily's of the field - my Lily is pretty splendid too ;-). God knows every creature and life on those hills, faint in my memories. He takes care of the whole universe. I'm not thinking that the life of one young college student isn't too much for him to care for. As odd as this may sound, I'm very glad God is the way that he is.


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