Sunday, January 18, 2004

I think I'm developing a habit here of Sunday afternoon posts. So much to think about I guess after church.
Made it safely back to the states as I'm sure you've guessed. Lots of "interesting" people on my flights. One poor man has no idea how close he came to getting an elbow in the head for stealing half my seat while he slept and pushing me out into the alse. To kind of give a general idea of the characters though let me just write a little about the first person I talked to as I waited to board. He was a young, plain clothes Catholic priest named Chewbacca from MbujiMai (GoatWater). Life is so much funnier than anything we can make up...till I lost my bags that is :-)
God has been doing so much in the past week since everyone's come back to LU. Connections for LFGH that were thought lost were remade in a "fluke" 5 minute phone call. We went from having no way to fax, print or copy to getting joint ownership in our very own new machine. Not to mention the way he's been working in so many hearts, not the least of which mine.
At times I feel like I play such a small part compared to others. I'm not one who writes pages upon pages of cool spiritual insights that God has revealed to me to share with others. I don’t counsel half of the western world, or go on two week VBS camping trips in the middle of Africa and help bring thousands of people to Christ. For as much as I tend to talk, I don’t have a gift for speaking eloquently. The things God teaches me are quieter, harder to put into words. Kind of all tied together to slowly reveal more and more of Him. I really liked the subject of the sermon today, 1 Corinthians 12:1-12. I remembered I don't have to have the same gifts as my friends. Whether truths are revealed to them first or to me, either way the important thing is to listen and learn. I don't need to work my butt off trying to outdo anyone, God gave me different gifts for a reason. And if I'm off trying to do someone else's part, who's doing mine?


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