Sunday, January 25, 2004

I sit in a daze at my computer...where do I begin to write the events of this day. How about I settle for brief glimpses.
- a horrible frustrating incident with a Baptist preacher
- odd "chance encounter with an encouraging group of Presbyterians as I stole their bulliten
- watched a shopping cart drive past my dorm loaded with Flooders
- drove all the way out to Kilgore just to play frisbee with other LU folks
- I was handed a "randomly selected" prayer card as I walked into Chapel asking me to pray for Congo
- and best of all, I recieved an encouraging note saying, "I think you look adorable with a pencil up your nose". What can I say, those number 2s get them everytime. honestly though, I've never tried this. no pencils or noses were injured or involved in anyway during the writing of this post


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