Sunday, January 04, 2004

Humility. I think this whole vacation, punctuated by this Sunday has been a lesson from God in humility. I pray I've learned it well.
If last Sunday was interesting, today was doubly so. No, nothing profound in the sermon...we were told how many times the concordance listed the word resovle and covenant. The preacher didn't feel the need to expound on either of these. The old and new covenants were mentionened but not explained. Notes were passed out asking the church memebers to support IPCK (the church we were at). We were asked to help "do God's will" but that seemed only to amount to playing piano, ushering, speaking and such. I know I must seem rather negative, and I do believe that the people's hearts are in the right place because, in spite of the talk, the rest of the service was very worshipful and focused on God.
Instead of taking note of word frequencies I turned to Hebrews 10 and wandered over to Jeremiah 31 to do a little studying on my own regarding the covenants.
Ok, now for the humbling, interesting part...
My mom and I were supposed to play the song during the offering. We had practiced Speak for Me and it was going well. But everytime we tried to play it the lights would go off. hmm, so when the lights were off we got to playing in the dark, just worshiping. This happened about 3 times so we gave up on the planned song and decided to play More Precious/Love the Lord your God/and As the Deer. Got up to play in church and the first thing out of my violin was More Love, More Power. ??? How that song got stuck in my head I don't know but my mother was most confused. I did an awkward switch into what I was supposed to be playing so she could accompany. By that time I was flustered and started to shake. ARGH. Needless to say it sounded horrible. The second time around I was supposed to play the first song again and made the same mistake. Maybe the Lord wanted them to hear a rather pathetic version of More Love, More Power this morning - or maybe I goofed. Either way, they heard it and I am once again reminded of my weaknesses and His strengths.
At least he has blessed me with a sense of humor :-) As long as I don't have to confront everyone from church right away I can laugh at how odd this morning's gone.
Only a week left in Congo, many plans for the days. You'd think I would have learned about planning eh...But hopefully sometime I can study a bit more and write down what I learned this morning en lieu of listening to New Year's Resolutions


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