Sunday, December 28, 2003

This morning's church service warrents a blog...
Sermon was a thought provoking look at Luke 2, where Anna and Simeon greet baby Jesus on his first trip to the Temple. How I've forgotten so many amazing things from the Bible I don't know, take another look at Galations sometime for
But what really made this Sunday different was a little annoucement the leader made right before starting communion. "And now Valli and Jennifer Howard will come up and lead us in learning the song Communion Hymn for Christmas." HUH?! Who? A sharp look from my mother told me I should walk to the front if I knew what was good for me. How I was going to stand before a microphone and lead the church in a song I'd never sung was a problem my brain furiously working out. Fortunately, as my mother took the hymnal from my hands the pianist began to play a vaguely familiar song. Mom had been practicing (supposedly I had been informed of this event and should have practiced too) and I had subconsciously picked up the main bits of the song. I muddled my way through the first verse, after which I'd caught on and was able to do a convincing job of "teaching" the song for the next few minutes.
Needless to say, the next time I'm asked to sing in church and it gets canceled I'll keep practicing anyway (just to be safe.) At least life is never boring at home... :-)


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