Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas with my family never fails to surprise me. Athough it was only my parents and me this morning it was great fun. Woke up early(naturally) on Christmas morning. :-) Wished a few friends Merry Christmas online...even heard from a grumpy sleepy individual in Australia. Then my mother woke up and convinced my dad that he wanted to cook us all omlets before opening gifts. Wasn't till around 11 that we finally remembered the tree. Then my dad and I played the game where we guess what each gift is, except there was a new twist this year where we kept guessing even after the paper was off. Its amazing the things you can come up with for tea towels... I received 3 old shoes, one of which I already owned. hehe Really I get to pick out 3 pairs of Congolese sandals to take back with me but since I pick them out my mother just collected random shoes to wrap. I also got some pretty Congolese fabric.
The rest of the day has been spent baking the traditional birthday cake for tonight, napping and hanging out. Even though our family has shrunk this year the ones I've got are quite worth it. :-)


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