Monday, November 03, 2003

Wow, I don't even know what to say. My mind has been rather detached this evening. I've watched myself fight off the stress of preparations for Fall Fest Banquet this evening. Waxed faces implored me through stiff mouths to gently extract them from their gooey self inflicted prison. I'm sorry but it reminded me of a preschooler with a cold and no Kleenex. More pink girly stuff flew around our room tonight than I've seen in the past year (excluding the pink fuzzy creation one girl on ELH 3 calls a room - each to her own though). Anyway, I countered it by having supper with friends from the Penitentiary who commiserated with me by sharing hilarious stories about their own circumstances with sisters. It amazes me they turned out as normal as they did.
After supper I hung out a bit in the courtyard, and then came upstairs to face the horror. Cleaned for the next 3 hours and am proud to say we have a floor again.
By this time the Banquet was over and everyone came back in remarkably good spirits. The first of the November birthdays was today so Lisl and I had a tradition to maintain. Every year since we’ve been in college, Lisl, Rosie, Cynthia and I have made insulting cards for each other based off of this cd we all heard our freshman year. How dull life would be without inside jokes :-) this year’s card read:
Porque lookit. Birthday presents? Chuckie Cheese?!?
You’re old enough now, get a job and buy your own.
Say it, “Chicklets”
Then we taped Chicklets inside the card and said Happy Birthday.
They loved it. I don’t know what it is about me and birthdays. I don’t particularly want a big fuss on mine but I love trying to make other people feel special.
So, evening done. Sat down to write and a friend came in. Held her for awhile comforting her – then she began to comfort me after a bit. I haven’t shared much but my Grandma has been having heart troubles the past few weeks. This is the lady I lived with my 10th grade year and all last summer. She is closer than a grandma to me and I love her dearly. (No but’s about it Lisl). She had gone in for surgery on Friday and I talked to her afterwards. When I said goodnight I had no idea how close it came to being the last time I talked to her. That night her heart stopped a couple times and the nurse kept running in. So on Monday she’ll get a pacemaker and hopefully all will be fine. As I lay there comforting my friend I realized how much I love her and no matter what I’ve done I still wonder if I let her know enough just how much I loved her. That’s one thing I’m working on this semester…I’m trying.
I take it back, ELH beds aren’t meant for 2 people. Sleepy, very sleepy. But it’s off to church; if I keep persevering maybe I’ll find a church home in this town before I have to leave.
Later later...


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